Beer Delivery to Start Stroudsburg, PA
Fri, 13 March 2015
Monroe Co. Business Begins Delivering Beer
car careens into RedBank Cluck-U
Tue, 03 March 2015
An out-of-control car careened into a Cluck-U Chicken restaurant in RedBank New Jersey Tuesday. The store will be closed until further notice due to repair.
TV Commercial !!!
Sat, 17 November 2012
Cluck-U, Corp. launched it TV Commercial for the North East Locations (PA, NJ and MD), Click on the camera icon to view
"Complaint on the 9-1-1 sauce" name
Fri, 03 July 2009
  Complaint from our valuable Customers for the use of the 9-1-1 sauce name.
As seen on the Travel Channel " 10 Top Places to PigOut"
Tue, 16 October 2007
Cluck-U is ranked #9 on the "Top 10 places to pig out in the states"
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