Board And Personnel
JP Haddad

Mr. JP Haddad has been the president and treasurer of the Franchisor Cluck U, Corp., since its inception in February 2000.  Mr. Haddad is the Re-founder of the Cluck-U Concept.

From February 1990 to April 2005, JP Haddad had been one of the beneficial owners of the Cluck-U Chicken restaurant in College Park, MD.  He owned and operated that unit, until it was sold to franchisee in 2005.  In 2011 Corporate claimed back owership to the Collge Park, MD store and re-built it according to the new look and prototype of the future franchises.

Between April 2003 and December 2006, JP Haddad spent much of his time in the Middle East developing a version of Cluck-U Chicken for overseas markets.  In September 2004, JP Haddad opened “Cluckster’s”, a restaurant featuring the Cluck-U System as developed for the overseas market. 

Since January 2007 and continuing thru the end of December 2010 Mr. Haddad worked at restructuring the Cluck-U system, developing the New Prototype and the New Look of Cluck-U Chicken within the USA market.