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Location Shutting Down and reopening elsewhere

by Smakddd@yahoo.com 23. July 2018 05:42

I have been coming to the Parsippany site since I accidentally drove past it exploring the area.  My family and I moved from North Brunswick, so we were familiar with Cluck U both in New Brunswick and the North Brunswick site that closed down a few years back.

We've always been fans of Cluck U and were pleased that it was only a 12 minute ride, not to mention late hours.  I travel for work and I get home from the airport around 10 - 11pm, so It was nice to grab my favorite wings/boneless wingers instead of the usual burger joints that are open late for dinner.  Also, the group at Parsippany treated me well.  Knew who my son and I were when we stopped by and took great care of us.

Yesterday I find out they are closing TODAY 7/22 and moving to Hackensack.  I am sad to see this move take place and naturally I am not clear on why this is happening, but if they were struggling at this location, I can understand this.  The closest one near my home is now in Morristown which is also a good place, but the traffic getting there and back is ridiculous and reason not to continue buying Cluck U.  Hackensack is no different with regards to traffic (if you're familiar with the drive on rt 80E/W and 46E/W, you know what I'm talking about at any hour of the day).  Not sure where in Hackensack it's opening up, but traffic in Hackensack adds to the crazy long ride.

Looks like I'll have to give a new place a try once dicovered or really be interested in getting these wings discounting fuel, travel and time loss. 

Good luck to the folks in the Parsippany location!  I hope your commute isn't longer.


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