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Best. Food. Ever.

by jaciii2000@gmail.com 8. January 2017 06:59

I took my girlfriend on our first date to Cluck U and I'll tell you right now, the food is phenominal, some of the best garden salad I've ever eaten in my entire life! My girlfriend loved it after ordering 3 orders of the spicy buffalo 911 boneless chicken wings! I'll tell you, I would eat here every single day if my arteries weren't going to clog up and explode all over the counter. Also, this site is so helpful and formal! The coupons are AMAZING! 0.9% discount off on the cheesie stix! THE TRIVIA IS OFF THE HOOKS! Anyways, the garden salad came out mad fast and tasted hella delicious. My only complain is that my girlfriend lost every ounce of chicken she put in her mouth after her colon exploded all over my apartment.. It was fun cleaning up but it wasn't a great smell.. Anyways, the garden salad is the best thing on the menu by far, especially with the 911 sauce!


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