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I have never in my life experienced what I did with this place !!!!!! READ ME !!

by vargas.karoline@yahoo.com 17. January 2016 19:28

Last night on 01/16/2016 I ordered from the Cluck U restarant in Union NJ on Morris Ave. Let me just start by saying the food is great but last night I have expierienced the worst customer service and fraud it will definitly be the last time I order from this place. My order was delivered incomplete and so I called Cluck U to let them know that maybe the driver just forgot it or maybe they could discount it from my order instead I was called a liar and told that they needed to "take care of customers" what am I not a customer to them ???!!!!! Then I was hung up on I could not believe what had just happend!!! I am also 2 months pregnant and cannot stress out about anything because I can lose my baby, I wanted to go in and confront this animal ( Sorry insult to Animals ) But because of my state I have taken this approch and let everyone know how discusting and unbelieveable this was. I am going to dispute this charge with my credit card company and Cluck U will never get an order from me again. 


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