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Enjoy the best chicken at Cluck U Chicken

by 29. June 2020 21:19

Hey there! Are you a foodie looking for the tastiest and the best chicken in South Orange? Do you wish you had chicken wings so flavorful with great sauce? If you do, Cluck U chicken has just what you need.

We have a variety in our chicken menu. Just so many various ways you can have a tasty chicken meal. Our Cluck U menu includes:


Crispy Mini Bites

cluck u menu - best chicken in south orange - mini bites .jpegcluck u menu - best chicken in south orange - mini bites .jpegcluck u menu - best chicken in New Jersey - mini bites .jpeg
Our little bites of fried chicken served with honey and mustard dip gives you just the right mix of crispiness and flavorful! The honey mustard dip is just the magic and these two combined is the bomb!

Buffalo mini bites

If you like your mini bites with some extra touch, the wing sauces are exceptional! The buffalo mini bites are served with ranch and blue cheese dip, but the real magic is the signature sauce! You should try some.


Buffalo wingers and Boneless Buffalo Wingers

Cluck U Menu - Chicken in South Orange - Buffalo Wingers Cluck U Menu - Chicken in South Orange - Buffalo Wingers Cluck U Menu - Chicken in New Jersey - Buffalo Wingers
If there’s one meal Cluck U chicken in South Orange is famous for? It is the exceptional Buffalo Wingers. You’ve not had the best buffalo wingers in South Orange if you haven’t tried these. The magic is in the sauce!

Cluck u chicken has a variety of sauces you can pick from. Flavors and heat are just a good combination when it comes to buffalo wingers! And if you like to chew everything on your plate, the boneless buffalo wingers give you just that.

Breast bites


Don’t you just love chicken tenders? These breast bites are fried Chicken tenders fried with honey mustard dipping sauce. The tenders are fried golden and that’s just perfect!

Fried chicken

You can have your Cluck U chicken Served Honey Dipped or Plain with Biscuits. You are also given an option to choose Single Fried Chicken Pieces of Wing, Breast, Leg, or thigh. All of which come at lower prices.


Anyone would classify cluckwiches to be HUGE. Yup! It’s big and tasty and there is a variety in that category;

  • The Original is a mix of Lettuce, Tomato, Cool Mayo

  • BBQ CW is a mas of Lettuce, Tomato, and our signature Honey Hickory Sauce

  • Parmesan CW is a combination Marinara Sauce & Melted Provolone Cheese

  • Roman is a mash of Garlic Sauce & Melted Mozzarella Cheese

  • Buffalo Bleu is a sandwich of Lettuce, Tomato, Bleu Cheese & Choice of Wing Sauce

  • Red Roman is a sandwich of Garlic Sauce, Tomato Sauce & Melted Mozzarella Cheese

All cluckwiches are sold for $6.99 presently. Great right?


Garden Chicken Salad

Cluck U menu - Chicken In South Orange - Buffalo Chicken Salad.JPGCluck U menu - Chicken In South Orange - Buffalo Chicken Salad.JPGBuffalo Chicken Salad
It’s a complete meal with the right balance of protein and vegetables, perfect for anyone on a diet. It’s a mix of Lettuce, tomatoes, croutons, green bell peppers, red onions, cucumbers, and Parmesan cheese topped with grilled chicken or crispy chicken.

Mexican specials on the menu also include; Tacos, Burritos, Quesadilla & Mex Melt. All can be gotten in a beef and chicken variety.

Asides the chicken on the Cluck U menu, Cluck U Chicken also serves other specials. So if you have a love for seafood or burgers, the menu has got something for you too!


To see more on the Cluck U menu; click here

So have you tried any meal on Cluck U Chicken menu? How would you like your chicken? Tell us in the comment section below!

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