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1. How can I get additional point of sale materials?
Call us or e-mail us the request or fill out the Brand application form online.
2. How did the name Cluck-U-Chicken come to be ?
Believe it or not Robert Ilvento the company founder former roommates grandmother, Margie Bond, at the age of 77 came up with the name Cluck-U-Chicken after Robert asked for suggestions before deciding on the name RU Chicken.
3. How close are locations apart?
Well, the franchisees have territorial protection based on their FA/DD. The fully branded accounts have no territorial protection and it is up to the company to decide who carries the product based on market competition, market needs, revenues and distance.
4. How long does it take for me to start serving Cluck-U-Chicken products in my current location(s)?
Depending on the distributors available as fast as 3 days. The point of sale materials will be shipped immediately upon order being placed with the distributor. Apply Here.
5. What was the most wings ever eaten at a “Clucker Cup”?
53 wings in 5 minutes
6. Are you going to carry more products?
Yes we will be constantly adding both food and other fun stuff onto our web site. Keep checking back.
7. Why is the Cluck-U Sauce so superior to the other wing sauces I have tasted?
Our flavor profiles are unique in the sense that we are wing connoisseurs and in the beginning we didn’t stop reformulating the sauces until we thought we had them perfect. Every flavor was made for an individual demographic group. Other than the “New Legal 911” all sauces are of a recipe from the beginning.
8. It was said the wings used to come in uncut and employees at the time would cut a 40 pound case of whole jumbo wings in 3 minutes.
Well, a gentleman whose name was Joe cut a case and set the record time ever of 3:13 seconds for a 40 pound case. A great way to make the tedious enjoyable, but watch your fingers.
9. Can I get Cluck-U at the supermarket?
Not yet. Coming soon.
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